Dive into the future as Meta introduces Audiobox, an AI that clones voices and crafts ambient sounds. What's the catch?

Explore the rise of voice cloning, a generative AI marvel capturing vocal nuances. Meta's Audiobox enters the scene, disrupting the norm.

Meta's parent company, a juggernaut encompassing Facebook and more, surprises with Audiobox—free voice cloning, but with a twist.

Audiobox, born from Voicebox's legacy, offers voice and ambient sound generation. Meta delves into self-supervised learning for revolutionary results.

Audiobox empowers users to create custom audio effortlessly. Just type a sentence or record your voice, and Audiobox works its magic.

Meta unveils a family of AI models for speech and ambient sounds, all based on Audiobox SSL. What's the secret behind this self-supervised model?

Discover Audiobox's training journey—a colossal 160K hours of speech, 20K hours of music, and 6K hours of sound samples. The essence of generative brilliance.

Experience Audiobox in action with interactive demos. Clone your voice, create new voices, and even replicate ambient sounds. It's an auditory journey!

Unlock Audiobox's wonders but beware—it's a research demo, not for commercial use. Residents of Illinois and Texas, for now, must watch from the sidelines.

While Audiobox is on pause for commercial use, anticipate a future where AI's sonic prowess becomes a commercial reality. The melody of progress echoes.