Meta Platform introduces Imagine, an AI image generator accessible on its new website.

Discover the latest breakthrough: Meta's text-to-image generator for mesmerizing creations.

Explore a simple yet powerful interface with a prompt field and 4 downloadable images.

Early adopters experiment, producing mixed results. Some hail its speed; others note occasional glitches.

VentureBeat tests reveal occasional quirks, like "melted" body parts and distorted scenery.

Imagine's constraints: fixed 1:1 aspect ratio, watermark on all images—transparency enhancements promised.

Imagine's foundation: Emu, trained on 1.1 billion Facebook and Instagram user photos for aesthetic diversity.

Meta excludes private content, emphasizing ethical AI training with publicly shared Facebook and Instagram images.

Meta's researchers fine-tuned Emu with a small set of exceptionally high-quality images for visual aesthetics

As part of a broader AI rollout, Imagine transforms your Facebook and Instagram messages with its "reimagine" feature.