Breaking News: EU Strikes Historic Deal on AI Act! Discover the world's first comprehensive rules shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence.

EU's AI Act sets unprecedented rules for 'high-impact' AI. It pioneers risk assessments, adversarial testing, and mandates transparency in training data.

Empowering citizens! The act grants the right to launch complaints about AI systems, ensuring transparency in decisions affecting individual rights

Heavy fines for rule-breakers! Violations may cost companies up to 7% of global revenue. A stringent framework ensures accountability in AI deployment.

AI no-go zones! Prohibitions include facial image scraping, categorization based on sensitive traits, emotion recognition at work or school, and social scoring.

Balancing law enforcement needs! The rules include safeguards and exemptions for biometric systems, with conditions for real-time monitoring and evidence search.

What's next? Anticipate a finalized deal by year-end. However, the law won't be in force until 2025 at the earliest, shaping the future of AI regulation.

Adapting to change! The 2021 draft evolves to encompass dynamic AI tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, navigating challenges in AI legislation.

Contentious debates persist! Negotiations on live biometrics monitoring and general-purpose AI models cause delays. Striking a balance remains a challenge.

The journey continues! Stay tuned for further negotiations, including votes by Parliament committees. The EU's AI Act shapes the path for global AI governance.