Dive into the future of Tesla updates! Explore how your car can now automatically call 911

Tesla's 2023 update brings a groundbreaking feature – automatic 911 calls when airbags deploy. Enhancing safety and response time in critical situations.

Entertainment on the go! Discover the latest additions, including Apple Podcasts support and rear-screen Bluetooth headset compatibility. Tesla keeps you connected.

Navigate with precision! The updated park assistance now includes 3D visuals, making parking and maneuvering even more intuitive and stress-free.

See and be seen! Uncover the new blind spot indicators, a glowing red alert on the lane change camera when another vehicle is detected. Enhancing driving awareness.

Revolutionizing in-car entertainment! Tesla introduces Castle Doombad, a tower defense game, and rear-screen gaming. Elevate your driving experience with fun on the go!