Dive into the controversy as Musk reinstates Alex Jones' X account, sparking debates and unsettling advertisers.

Musk conducts a Twitter poll, letting users decide Jones' fate. A surprising 70% vote for reinstatement.

The people have spoken," tweets Musk. Jones' account is back, raising concerns and challenging X's ad landscape.

Musk, a free speech advocate, justifies the move to protect rights. A shift from his earlier stance against Jones.

Musk hints at Community Notes addressing misinformation. How will this crowd-sourced fact-checking influence X's content?

Contrary to his prior stance, Musk defends Jones, emphasizing free speech. A sudden reversal or strategic decision?

Explore Jones' troubled past, banned in 2018 for Sandy Hook denial. Lawsuits, judgments, and appeals shape the narrative.

Major brands flee X due to ad placement concerns. Disney and IBM exit as Musk faces backlash for endorsing conspiracy theories.

Recall Musk's controversial statements, endorsing antisemitic conspiracy theories. Advertisers wary, Musk unapologetic.

Witness Musk's clash with advertisers. Is it principled defense or defiance? The X saga unfolds amidst public scrutiny.